My Sunflower


Sun Flower by Ismeta Gruenwald

Just afraid I will fall in love with you

Maybe one day I wouldn’t be able to control myself
from falling in love with you
Thinking of you only hurts myself
I just can’t help falling in love with you

Hi friend.

Have you ever known that lyric? I am sure you have heard it before. It is F4’s song titled “Qing Fei De Yi”. Of course the original song is written in Taiwan Language, and I copy its English translation. You know, this song is very meaningful for me. It is like I am the actor of the song. It happened to me for real.


I was a student in one of universities in Yogyakarta. You know, I did not use to share my own story, but I am interested to tell you one of my stories. It is about my precious friend in my campus. I started to know her when we were in the Campus Orientation event, and the story of our journey had just begun. Afterwards, we had complicated relationship. We knew each other’s feeling, but nobody started to share that feeling. We kept our own feeling in our own heart only. We were afraid it will wreck our friendship when it is shared.

Our friends considered us as a wonderful pair because of our togetherness. We often had a discussion together since we belonged to the same department in a certain organization. You know, it was like such us opium, so addictive and hard to be left. Began from having discussion, we started to have dinner and sharing moment together. Moreover, we had some similar favorite places and events for hanging out together. We did not have any reason to do a lot of ridiculous things I had explained before. We just wanted to kill our time together.

Our friendship did not always go well. Sometimes, we got heavy mad and hasn’t been talking each other for 1 month. Fortunately, the moment of Idul Fitri helped us and solved our problem. Sometimes one of us should cry first so the other would try to understand. The more problem we had, the stronger relationship we got. Nevertheless, we knew that we were just in a friendship zone. The most important is I had had a girlfriend already. However, we were still enjoying our friendship.

April, 2014.  Disaster came.

We knew, sooner or later our friendship will be stopped. Badly, we didn’t know how to end it. Our friendship was too wonderful to be ended. At that time, I began to realize: “everything will be precious whenever it is gone”. Unfortunately, she felt so. She sent me a message titled “My Sun”. We couldn’t help falling in love each other. I felt guilty for what had I done. We didn’t brave enough to face each other for next 2 month. But I’m sorry, I can’t tell you more. I am an introvert person.

Because, sunflower always faces towards the sun, wherever it goes.

Written by Hanan Waskitha


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29 Books That Will Enrich Your Inner Literati

29 Books That Will Enrich Your Inner Literati

Some good ideas if you like reading.


Answerby Cristina Hartmannon Quora.

Correction appended, March 31

For anyone who wants to attain the vaunted title of “being well-read,” it’s more about breadth than depth. (As for feeling well-read, read the postscript.)

To “feel” well-read in literature, it’s all about the categories, not the books themselves. Read a few books in a few different genres, time periods, points of views. I’ve thrown in a few controversial books, just so you know what all of the fuss is about.


Here’s how you can feel like a regular literati!:

Western Classics (Ancient & Modern): to give you a good foundation for the who’s who of Western literature.

  • The Odyssey (Homer): epic of a dude who just can’t get home without a little help from the gods. (Extra credit if you read the Iliad, too!)
  • A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens): the quintessential story of…

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Menganti Beach

Menganti BeachMenganti beach is located in Kebumen. It is very very beautiful place. When I visited in there, the water was like a blue sky. not only, it has beautiful water but it is also has a tower, gabare, or in bahasa we call it mercusuar. But, it doesn’t work. In there, there is a TPI or a fish market. So, every morning, a lot of fishermen arrived to sell his fish. And, you are not only having a holiday, but you can also buy some fish. When I am in there with my friends, I buy some fish and we roasted together. So funny friends. In around the tower, we can see the beach and ships if there is any. The ship is not passenger ship but a ship carrying coal like a tanker ship. If you arrive on morning, you can watch sunrise.

From menganti, we went to Jatijajar cave. It isn’t too far from Menganti beach. Jatijajar cave is very good because there is river in underground. We didn’t take photo. We washed in the river. It’s so cool but fresh. Inside, we was around 20 minutes. After that, we would go back.

Written By: Azzam Zamzuri Fuadi, a Tambak Bayan Male English Home member.

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Pulau Sempu/ Sempu Island; The Amazing Trip

sempuEverybody has a lot of activity. Some of them even do their activity without sincerity. They always complain about some work problems, their exams, etc. they always feel bored. Therefore, they always do something fun to throw their burden. There are many choices to have fun, such as, watching movie, hanging out with friends, and traveling. Traveling can lift up your burden and make you fresh  on Monday and make you ready to do your job again.

I can give you suggestion the place that I have ever visited. The name of the place is Pulau Sempu (Sempu Island), Malang./ if you are in East Java, it is really reachable. It’s near from everywhere; Surabaya, Madura, Malang, Kediri, even Ngawi, and Banyuwangi. Malang is not that far to spend your short 3 days weekend. After arriving in Malang, you have to go to Sendang Biru beach for taking a boat trip. Less than an hour boat trip, you have to do walking trip about 3 hours maximum depend on the weather and situation. The track is not too hard but it is still challenging. Up and down way, until you heard the water sound, you will smile. About 5 until 10 minutes you will see a life. A wonderful life. The water is blue, the scenery is so beautiful, even the cloud looks very different when you have been there. Your trip is worth to do and that tired will be gone by itself. Maybe a little rubbish around there will make you little uncomfortable and may be angry, but it just decreases 5 percent the beauty of Sempu Island. You can build tent there if you want to spend a night in Sempu Island and go back in the morning. The boat will be ready for the customer.

Don’t call yourself as a traveler if you never try Sempu Island. Have a nice holiday.

Written By: Karunia Yevi W

A Female English Home Member


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The Story of My Best Mountain: Rinjani


Rinjani Summit taken from

Mount Rinjani is the name of the highest mountain in Lombok island. I climbed Mount Rinjani when I still studied in UGM in 2010. I like climbing mountain on that time. I just didn’t realize that Mount Rinjani will become my last mountain I climb. But it’s okay, I very grateful ever climbed the mountain.

Tell about Rinjani is like telling about one of hidden paradise in Indonesia. Why I can speak like that? Because the view of Rinjani mountain is very unique and unusual like the other mountains.

When you go there, you will take 7 days for enjoy all beautiful things. Why I can say like that, because there is so many beautiful spot for enjoying the moment. I will tell you, one by one, the beautiful spot of Mount Rinjani. The first, the best spot in in Rinjani is in the top of the mountain, because you can see whole of Lombok island and especially you can take some beautiful picture including selfie picture. The second one is… (to be continued)

Written by Bahtera T. Anand


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