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Ops, We’re late..

IMG_20130930_071152Oh no..! We’re now in the end of the month. There’s a thing to finish. Everyone is shocked by mastery book we haven’t completed yet. Mastery book is one of the member tools that has to be completed if members want to finish the level. Mastery book is a member’s parameter as they have already mastered materials in certain level. Members can report the mastery book anytime to the principal if they feel that they have really mastered it. There are many points in mastery book to complete. It will really show that members have mastered the materials given during the level. After completing mastery book, members will join the final test as the final check for their ability in understanding the material given in that level.

We have two meetings in a day for class (morning and evening), Monday to Friday. It’s a nice class, always crowded, noisy and impassioned. Read the rest of this entry »


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These are the rest change this month

Ough, it’s amazing to be a boarding boy like me. Everything needs to be economized, moreover in this special moment like this time, in the end of the month, yeah. You know, it’s just like a routine, when the month comes to the end, most of boarding boys and girls hold everything other than filling hunger. They try to eat something cheaper than they usually eat. And here is mine, the rest of this month..

small change

I usually buy veges in the market as my side dish every I have meal. But not for this moment though, I think instant noodle and egg will do. Like what I’ve just eaten this morning for my breakfast, two Indomie goreng and one egg, hahaha, what a full stomach I had then. Sometimes I eat for brunch. You know brunch? Yeah, morning breakfast and lunch are done at once, it’s around ten or eleven. So then I’ll only have one more meal in the evening. Read the rest of this entry »


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Movie Box Part II

IMG_20130923_202007It was suddenly happened when I got a message from somebody in female home. An invitation for free watching movie in Movie Box. Again..?? Cool. Then few minutes after, somebody came to male home for giving the free voucher, there were six free voucher, each for two people. Good..! We were eleven in male home, so we’ll be free of charge hahaha. This isn’t about a syndrome of afraid of paying Movie Box ticket, but it’s really like a surprise.┬áIt was on Monday evening, and that wasn’t our program on Monday evening actually. But, for “certain” reason we could change it. Then finally we went for watching.

We’re confused about two option cool movies to watch. There were World War Z, a brutal zombie movie, and 9-9-8-1, a Korean horror movie. Girls didn’t want to watch horror. Yayaya this is really common. But based on poling we did, finally we decided to watch 9-9-8-1. Cool, we’re in. Dark, a bit spooky really conducive for a horror movie.

The movie ran well, but this horror movie wasn’t really good. The movie was just like divided into parts. One part was always separated by new intro and new title. Read the rest of this entry »


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Movie Box Part I

Last Thursday evening, Sept. 19th we planned to have watching movie program in Movie Box. It’s our weekly program on Thursday evening. We do believe that watching movie is one of the best way to learn English. Then, finally we made it. We set the plan to watch with the female members as well. There were about twenty members at that time.

In a short, we were ready to go. We set the time for gathering at 6.30 p.m in Male Home. Unfortunately some members were canceled to go. They got things to do suddenly. Bad news, then.. But we kept going. Arriving in Movie Box, we were about to change the room because we were not twenty anymore. But then, the other rooms were full booked. We couldn’t make it if we wanted to move to another Movie Box because it’s too late. Another Movie Box was too far from where we were.

Then finally, the males came back home and we planned to watch movie at home. And the females, they went for dinner. Not really bad, we could still watch movie and learn English. Read the rest of this entry »


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We are an English Community

Hello English learners…

Nice to be in this cyber space. We are really glad to get a chance to get closer with many people around the world. This blog, this simple page, we really hope can bring us to a broad link to share anything about English.

This is simple to tell about us. We are just an English community in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. We try to feel sincerely that English is a need and we share the way we learn it. We are located in Manggis street no. 151, Mundu Saren, Depok, Sleman, Jogjakarta. It’s a house with English community in it. We are together having our daily activities done in English. We really want to be able to speak English all the time. We have eleven members in this house and all of us are men.

We are happy to learn English because we know that English will bring us to travel around the world. We like talking a lot in English, even some of us should be emphasized to talk in English. Yeah, it’s a learning process. Read the rest of this entry »


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