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A post from Nafi; The Increasing Fuel Price

Guys, here is the first article for this week. It’s compiled by one of members Male English Home Manggis, Nafi. Please, you can check for structure, diction or others.

Fine, we have known four weeks go that the price of fuel was increasing. Who is increasing the fuel price? The Government, yah that is true. The government was increasing the price of fuel to make balance of Indonesia economy. But, Indonesian people become panic, because they are afraid if they don’t get better life. Indonesian people had been panic by the time the government increased price of fuel.

The government has decided about the fuel price, we are as Indonesian people have to accept the decision it, we should support and don’t make atmosphere worse. The government has considered to increasing of fuel price since they hold president election. So many people disagree, because we knew, the world oil price was decreasing several month ago. Therefore Indonesian people want to reject decision, not only from Indonesian people want to it, but also there was rejection from DPR members. Read the rest of this entry »


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We are back

Hello everyone. Em, It’s really hard to be consistent in blogging especially for new user like me. But actually I really miss blog-walking, visiting other blogs and finding new articles or stories. I realize that they are indeed interesting activities I can do as a new blogger. Moreover I find my blog get visited by other bloggers, it’s such a pleasure.

By the way, friends I am here for telling you all that I am coming back for having an improvement in blogging, so that I can increase my English in writing skill and get more friends and information. This time I also try to involve some friends of mine in English Home to participate in writing exercise. Later on there will be some new articles every week which will be barely uploaded from English Home members’ articles since we have a weekly writing exercise. We will choose the articles at random, so the articles may have some errors in structure or spelling. After that, the other members will try to comment on articles, give correction to their friends’ article. So,both the writer and commenter will have learning English process, which what we call two ways learning.

After all, hopefully this breakthrough can be really helpful for us to learn English and increase our English writing skill. So please enjoy visiting us and leaving some comments or suggestions. See you.

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