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Death Penalty for Corruptors in Indonesia

indonesian-rupiahMoney moneymoney and money
Everybody needs money for survive or enrich their live with these things. So many ways that everyone earns the money, by the job, beg it, or steal it. It’s a lifestyle now for earn the money because in now day, you cannot live without money.
In Indonesia, so many case about criminals act such as Kidnapping, murdering, sexual abusing, and corruption. Corruption such as a high level crime in this country because the corruptor steal the money in a lot of number, it can be million until billion number, it’s not easy to steal the money for the corruptors because they need strategies and colleagues to earn that thing. Absolutely, there is constitution about corruption’s act.
Indonesia have law about corruption act, for the convicts for the example, they can be jailed or execution by the shooters. I agree about the execution law. That we know corruptor absolutely steal the public money which the money must distribute to the needy people, especially for the poverty.Corruptorbecome richer and poor people become poorer. This is the worst thing that happened in our country, the poor people can’t do anything except languish. Everybody have the right for live but if she/she meant to do bad thing it’s the right choice for the punishment. I think it’s better to kill 1 corruptor than seeing many poverty people dying in bad condition.
It’s a lesson for us that bad attitude will get bad impact, so do the right thing.

Compiled by; Alfred Steven


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The Winner and The Most Favorite at Jogja English Got Talent

Last Friday, January 9th, 2015 Jogja English finally held a monthly program called English Performance Show. A program with a thousand of fun and creativity. All members from all classes attended and participated on the event performing their best performance while showing up their English skill. I could only said it was marvelous. There were about seven groups performing such different yet interesting performances. They came from five regular classes and two English Homes. While another one English Home members were really busy, therefore unfortunately they couldn’t perform.

IMG_5288656609126These are the amazing MC who led the event. They were really attractive and talented. All eyes were on them couldn’t wait what surprise they would entertain all audiences. Indah and Baron are their names. They began the event with an interesting ice breaking to awaken all audiences to get ready for great competition. Afterwards, the event started, one by one classes performed their talent entertaining all audiences. All participants enthusiastically performed what they prepared for. Boisterous applause conquered every single inch of second floor SOCIUS Cafe appreciating members’ performances. All participants were really creative and talented performing their performance. Funny, amazed, impressed, sometimes sad all together in one covering all ayes on seeing their creativity in showing their English skill. Read the rest of this entry »


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Fun Learning with EPS in Jogja English

Jogja English is one of the best english course in Sleman. It have many programs as the way to teach english for their members. It is like regular class program, TOEFL class, English club, and English Performance Show (EPS). All of this program is made for building english skill for students/members.

English Performance Schow (EPS) is monthly program that held in Jogja English with unique way. This program obligate member from every class to perform in show. They must prepare the show before show up. Every month the topic of show always change. The program is like movie competition, mini theatrical, music performing, etc. The member is hoped increase english skill, confidence, social skill and creativity by participate this program.

By: Gerry Riski, Tmbak Bayan Home


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A post from Alfred; Jogja English Got Talent, The Kaleidoscope 2014

IMG_20150113_122209Jogja English Performance (EPS) is one of the Jogja English programs where the members of it can contribute to show their skill/performance to the others members in monthly event.

One of the events that have happened was “Kaleidoscope 2014” which the members of Jogja English both Home English (Female and Male) and classes program (Global Evening and Auto Global) in Jogja English showed their performances in a stage. The topic was whatever happened in 2014. Each group showed the performance in different way such as from Female Home which got as the favorite team, they showed drama about Ada ApaDenganCinta (AADC) film which was trending in 2014, they showed the plot of the film, the other performance came from Home EnglishManggis which got the first position from the official judgeshehehe, they showed about the best event in 2014 that was World Cup 2014, the event was happening while final match between Germany versus Argentina, in this cased both of teams got the winner because the referee’s decided.

I thought this event can prove each group that how made a teamwork, beside that this event be able to entertain another groups to make a lot of fun and be able to find more friends from another groups. Read the rest of this entry »

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A post from Kevin; My Expectation to the Government due to Banjarnegara Disaster

Banjarnegara is a regency in Central Java Province.Last 5 day age , banjarnegara got a very terrible disaster in Jemblung sampang village,karangkobar sub distric.The disaster is a landslide.The landslide resulted many homes broken, disappeared many souls, damage the farmland, and many souls hadn’t been found.
So many volunteers came from various regions and various societies.There are Indonesian Red Cross, Army, Police, Doctors,and student nature lovers of various universities in indonesia. All of them had a mission is to help disater victims.
I am as a student haven’t too much expectation for banjarnegara victims landslide.I can not do more, i only can give a little money and pray.I hope our govenrnment can give their concern more to help banjarnegara victims disaster like free tuition, free treatment, fix the farmland, and give them more knowledge about the main cause of landslidea .So, we will not previous expreince , we don’t repeat the same mistakes.
Acuatually, the nature doesn’t need us for their life, but we need it for our life.The nature has given a lot benefit life for us, but we doesn’t realize it. So, start from now, let us care for our environment, let us save our earth, give more concern to the nature. We can start with ourselves, and tell to other people that you know about landslide.So, we can live as consistent with the nature.

If you love the nature, the nature will love you back.

Writen by : Kevin S. (Male Home member)


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