06 Jan

2015 Happy New Year Strands Line Glow Dark Background“Happy ******* New Year” It was what my friend said explicitly right after the clock tick jingled twelve times and the firework here and there decorated the sky. I realized that those were signs that the year turned into 2015. I still remember here in my head the noise of the fireworks, boisterous applause, and the crowd of the vehicles. I still remember I closed my ears because I could not stand the noise and indeed I still remember my friend said those words which I censored because this article was supposed to be academic in nature which I am sure most of you know what the censored word was.
In different places, I was pretty sure that many people also wished a happy new year with hugs or enough with hand shaking while the charcoals kept blazing for barbeque party on the rooftop. I imagined the smile and probably tears. In other places, probably some people toasted glasses of wine or champagne. Whatever they did, just like I did, I was quite sure that they stayed up late at night and bunches of resolutions had been listed tidily wherever they wrote wishing the best for the year that was just born. Someone probably wanted to graduate from the university, wanted to get married, wanted to have a new car, wanted to travel a lot more, or probably wanted to move on from whatever it was. In fact, it seemed that everything was so bright and beautiful like the fireworks although it was *$#%^ deafening.
In the middle of the amazed eyes due to the flaring fireworks, I was thinking what if there was no firework party to welcome the New Year. Well, right after that, I assumed that New Year without firework party would be like New Year without resolution. Everything would be bland because it was just the way it was; a habit, an annual habit. There was nothing wrong with that as well except how much money was burnt to every flare of fireworks. Yet, who cares about that as long as many people happy at least for an hour.
Time went by and I should go back to work. The sky was full of star again without the dazzling firework. Everything turned into normal. The applause and the shout flew away but the remaining fireworks were still here and there as the ashes; the garbage, the dirt which should be moved away and should be cleaned. Unlike the fireworks, I wish that the list of resolution which had been committed would not be like a temporary blaze; burning bright at one moment than turned into nothing and forgotten since the existence was no longer expected.
Whoever you are, I wish you a very happy New Year. May you not wake up late on the first January of 2015 so that the resolutions and a bunch of hopes will not only hang in your dream like the last year after being drunk with the glamorous celebration which makes the resolution no more than a formality.
Cheers everyone. Rise your glass, keep the beat and rock on.

Written with Love by Putra Wiranggaleng

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