How to Solve Boredom

30 Mar

What is boredom? When we have problem and we fell saturated about things. If someone get and fell boredom, it is natural. Everyday we have a lot of activity: school, go to campus, work, and so on. There are people if they fell bored cannot do something, just sleep in the room, indolent, maybe angry and so on.

For solve boredome, there are 7 tips:

1. Don’t let yourself not activity. Usually boredome come because we don’t have some activity. We must establish fun activity, maybe with family and our friend.

2. Find a new friend. If we have a lot of friend, it can be increase our society, They can make you comfort.

3. You should go somewhere and traveling with your family or friend. Go to shopping, go to beach and comfortable place.

4. Try to visit your family and friend in another city, good relationship can solve our boredom.

5. If you cannot hang out with your friend, laptop and PS can decrise you boredom. Try to find a new game, new movie. I believe it can decrise your boredom.

6. Book is a good friend when we have some problem. Book is window of world. So we can read novel. Historycal story, or write our problem.

7. Life must go ahead, don’t let yourself get boredom, break it, you can do it. We must believe can brake it.

There are some tips for solve your boredom. I hope I can advantages for all. Keep spirit…

See you net lesson.

By: Agus (Tambak Bayan)


Posted by on March 30, 2015 in daily life


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2 responses to “How to Solve Boredom

  1. Hanan Waskitha

    April 1, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    it is an interesting writing. I like your idea, but there are some corrections for you:

    1. a lot of activities (plural): schooling, going to campus, working, and soon. Coma is used to separated similiar type of word. For example: schooling (n), going to campus (n), working (n).

    2. When you feel bored
    When you use “if”, it means that you have to agree with “if” agreement. Using when is better.

    3. There are people can not do something when they feel bored
    Place adverb of time (when you feel bored) in the beginning or the end of sentence.

    4. For solving boredom
    For is always followed by noun

    5. Do dot let your self without any activity

    6. boredom (typo)

    7. some activities (plural)

    8. If we have a lot of friends (plural), it can increase (without be)

    9. You should go somewhere and travel (without ing) with your family or friend. You may (add subj & verb) go shopping (without to), ……

    10. in another city. (use dot to begin new sentence) Good relationship can …..

    11. decrease (typo)

    12. some problems

    13. Book is window of world, (use coma before conjunction)

    14. Life must go ahead. (dot) don’t let yourself get boredom! (exclamation mark/dot) Break it! (exclamation mark) You can do it! (exclamation mark)

    15. I hope i can give advantages

    well, keep writing & keep learning! :* :*

  2. EnglishShelter

    April 6, 2015 at 10:33 am

    Such a brilliant feedback. Thank you Hanan.


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