The Story of My Best Mountain: Rinjani

15 Apr

Rinjani Summit taken from

Mount Rinjani is the name of the highest mountain in Lombok island. I climbed Mount Rinjani when I still studied in UGM in 2010. I like climbing mountain on that time. I just didn’t realize that Mount Rinjani will become my last mountain I climb. But it’s okay, I very grateful ever climbed the mountain.

Tell about Rinjani is like telling about one of hidden paradise in Indonesia. Why I can speak like that? Because the view of Rinjani mountain is very unique and unusual like the other mountains.

When you go there, you will take 7 days for enjoy all beautiful things. Why I can say like that, because there is so many beautiful spot for enjoying the moment. I will tell you, one by one, the beautiful spot of Mount Rinjani. The first, the best spot in in Rinjani is in the top of the mountain, because you can see whole of Lombok island and especially you can take some beautiful picture including selfie picture. The second one is… (to be continued)

Written by Bahtera T. Anand


Posted by on April 15, 2015 in daily life, fun, My Indonesia


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2 responses to “The Story of My Best Mountain: Rinjani

  1. Hanan Waskitha

    April 15, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    1. I like mountain climbing…

    2. I was (dont forget the verb) very grateful because (always use conjungtion to separate 2 sentences) I ever climbed the mountain

    3. Telling about Rinjani is like…

    4. Why can I speak..

    5. is very unique and unsual, unlike the other mountain

    6. for enjoying

    7. because there are so many beautiful spots

    8. some beautiful pictures

    9. it will be better if you dont separate the second and the third paragraph since the second paragraph is the main idea of the third paragraph.


    cannot wait for the continuation 😀


    May 27, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    one word to Describe that 🙂
    Hipnoterapi Semarang


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