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A post from Kevin; My Expectation to the Government due to Banjarnegara Disaster

Banjarnegara is a regency in Central Java Province.Last 5 day age , banjarnegara got a very terrible disaster in Jemblung sampang village,karangkobar sub distric.The disaster is a landslide.The landslide resulted many homes broken, disappeared many souls, damage the farmland, and many souls hadn’t been found.
So many volunteers came from various regions and various societies.There are Indonesian Red Cross, Army, Police, Doctors,and student nature lovers of various universities in indonesia. All of them had a mission is to help disater victims.
I am as a student haven’t too much expectation for banjarnegara victims landslide.I can not do more, i only can give a little money and pray.I hope our govenrnment can give their concern more to help banjarnegara victims disaster like free tuition, free treatment, fix the farmland, and give them more knowledge about the main cause of landslidea .So, we will not previous expreince , we don’t repeat the same mistakes.
Acuatually, the nature doesn’t need us for their life, but we need it for our life.The nature has given a lot benefit life for us, but we doesn’t realize it. So, start from now, let us care for our environment, let us save our earth, give more concern to the nature. We can start with ourselves, and tell to other people that you know about landslide.So, we can live as consistent with the nature.

If you love the nature, the nature will love you back.

Writen by : Kevin S. (Male Home member)


Posted by on January 13, 2015 in disaster, My Indonesia, stories


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