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Member of the Month Profile: The Cheerful Desy

gTalkative probably the very strong impression at the first time you meet this girl. Yet, just like what stated in The Rise of Guardian, the talkative side is the first layer of hers. Deeply known her, you will be amazed with her friendly, attractive, and cheerful character. At least 4 people that I asked said that way. Then, you will admire this girl who is simply called as Desy more for she is a smart and kind girl.

She became special for this month since she achieved Member of the Month awards for her progress and activeness along last December if not along 2014. Reviewing the flashback of last year events, her face was almost everywhere in almost every event held by Jogja English. Indeed, she has joined the English Home for more than 9 months started from March 2014. Knowing this fact, you will be amazed for how eloquently she speaks in English. In addition, it proves that mastering something needs a process.

Born in Jakarta 22 years ago, she graduated from SMAN 47 Jakarta Selatan before she moved to Yogyakarta to continue her study in one of Top Notch Universities, UGM. Instead of learning English in English Home, She likes listening songs mostly sung by Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, and Sheila on 7. Well, for the last, congratulation Desy. Keep learning, keep up the beat, and rock on! Written by: Putra Wiranggaleng


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