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29 Books That Will Enrich Your Inner Literati

29 Books That Will Enrich Your Inner Literati

Some good ideas if you like reading.


Answerby Cristina Hartmannon Quora.

Correction appended, March 31

For anyone who wants to attain the vaunted title of “being well-read,” it’s more about breadth than depth. (As for feeling well-read, read the postscript.)

To “feel” well-read in literature, it’s all about the categories, not the books themselves. Read a few books in a few different genres, time periods, points of views. I’ve thrown in a few controversial books, just so you know what all of the fuss is about.


Here’s how you can feel like a regular literati!:

Western Classics (Ancient & Modern): to give you a good foundation for the who’s who of Western literature.

  • The Odyssey (Homer): epic of a dude who just can’t get home without a little help from the gods. (Extra credit if you read the Iliad, too!)
  • A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens): the quintessential story of…

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Neglected NaCl Molecules

by: Nita

Once upon a time a woman went with her two close friends. They didn’t go there for fun but they went there to work joyfully. Because they planted to go hiking mountain after work, to chase the view in the top of the mountain.

They wanted go to madura, because they had project in there. Madura it’s really diferent with jogja, but in there is really impressiv. It’s not about of beutiful natural scenery and not about typical food or just sight such as suramadu. But because the character of the resident were spirit and togetherness. They are farmers and they lived on the seaside. They only can to work in the dry season.



Many children played in the field of salt. Even they played almoust 24 hour. So, how about their education. Ya they still school but only during the rainy season.

Their dream only wanted to work such as his parents become farmers salt. It’s not about they didn’t want to become doctor, and also didn’t want to become consultan or teacher. But because they didn’t have high dreams. They were afraid to make dreams.

They ever talked with us, we’re not angry if price of BBM increase, because they wanted to be like us to feel the comfort of being educated. They asked us, did you ever demonstrated to increase salt price. So that we can live like you to get high educated.

They made me and my close friends realized if beautiful view not only about nature like in beach or mountain. But we could see in other point of view that beauty can be meaning with saw them to dreaming.



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2015 Happy New Year Strands Line Glow Dark Background“Happy ******* New Year” It was what my friend said explicitly right after the clock tick jingled twelve times and the firework here and there decorated the sky. I realized that those were signs that the year turned into 2015. I still remember here in my head the noise of the fireworks, boisterous applause, and the crowd of the vehicles. I still remember I closed my ears because I could not stand the noise and indeed I still remember my friend said those words which I censored because this article was supposed to be academic in nature which I am sure most of you know what the censored word was.
In different places, I was pretty sure that many people also wished a happy new year with hugs or enough with hand shaking while the charcoals kept blazing for barbeque party on the rooftop. I imagined the smile and probably tears. In other places, probably some people toasted glasses of wine or champagne. Whatever they did, just like I did, I was quite sure that they stayed up late at night and bunches of resolutions had been listed tidily wherever they wrote wishing the best for the year that was just born. Someone probably wanted to graduate from the university, wanted to get married, wanted to have a new car, wanted to travel a lot more, or probably wanted to move on from whatever it was. In fact, it seemed that everything was so bright and beautiful like the fireworks although it was *$#%^ deafening. Read the rest of this entry »

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